Jessamine Price began her teaching career leading undergraduate discussion sections in Middle Eastern history at New York University. She went on to teach history and literature full-time at the secondary level, first at the independant residential St. Paul’s School in Concord, New Hampshire, and then at Sidwell Friends School in Washington, DC.  In addition, for eight years she taught world religions at New Hampshire’s Advanced Studies Program.

Since departing the US for South Korea, she has taught every level of English as a Second Language, from beginner to advanced, from middle school students to adults. She currently works at the Chungnam Institute for Foreign Language Education in Gongju, South Chungcheong Province, where she teaches creative writing, English composition and composition pedagogy to Korean professional ESL educators. She’s an active member of KOTESOL and has presented at their regional and international conferences.

Core subjects taught: ESL writing and conversation; European history, Black Death to Cold War;  European humanities (history plus literature, art and philosophy), Renaissance to World War I;  Middle Eastern history, nineteenth-century to present.

Electives taught: “From Brahma to Buddha,” “Introduction to Islam,” “Comparative Religions,” “Creative Writing.”

Jessamine Price teaching at advanced studies program summer of 2009.

What Students Say (World Religions, Advanced Studies Program, Concord, NH)

Her background gave her an amazing outlook on the different religions that we studied. She is very motherly and understands the burdens that students carry but does not make it to easy either. She has a perfect Middle Ground.”

“Jessamine is an extremely smart woman. I enjoyed having her for a teacher, because I knew how intelligent she was, and how much I could learn from her.”

Jessamine was so nice. I was glad I got a teacher like that who had been to so many places and had such great stories. I wish I could have her for a teacher at my school too!”

“Ms.Price was a very good teacher, she was tough, and she didn’t take any nonsense but she taught us well. She was always willing to give individual help and advice (not just on school work but on anything). I felt comfortable with her.”

“Ms. Price was incredibly knowledgeable about her subject material. She could answer almost any question we threw at her and would look up the ones she couldn’t.”

“Ms. Price was a great teacher. She picked awesome readings for us to discuss and I liked that she facilitated the discussions instead of dominating them.”

“She was very enthusiastic and her energy really kept me engaged. Her background in different religions and different stories related to the religion at hand were interesting.”

“It was the single most amazing month of my life. I learned more about how to study and how to learn then I did in the three years I spent in high school. Being able to discuss the meaning of life and the purpose of religion with a class of equally smart, devoted peers is so worth going to school in the summer.”

We were all respected by the teacher no matter what our beliefs, and it made it easy to learn, grow, and explore new and old concepts.”

“Always has questions for us to debate and knows what to say to get us talking.”

“She always had a clear plan for class but still allowed spontaneous discussion.”

“She always comes to class with a smile on her face.”

“I am walking away with much more than a basic understanding, I am walking away with new passions and excitement for areas of theology that I did not know existed.”