Editing & Coaching

Let me help you with my editing and coaching services!

Do I need an editor for my e-book? FAQ and editing resource page

beautiful old leather bound volumesMy mission: Bring your ideas alive with strong, effective writing.

Contact me if you want your book to

  • flow smoothly and present a strong case
  • impress readers with your attention to detail
  • draw readers into caring as much as you do
  • showcase your unique voice and personality
  • communicate fluently, even if English isn’t your first language

As a copy editor and proofreader, I strengthen your writing with consistent punctuation, spelling and grammar.

As a writing coach, I help you polish your personal voice. Bring me a complete manuscript for coaching (this is often called developmental editing). Or contact me for step-by-step guidance as you turn your ideas into a manuscript.

My qualifications:

  • More than 17 years’ experience writing, copy editing and proofreading for scientific and academic journals, literary magazines, consumer publications and educational materials
  • 4 years’ experience teaching writing at elite prep schools
  • Knowledge of several styles, including Oxford, APA, Associated Press and Chicago
  • Two master’s degrees: in history (Oxford University) and creative writing (American University)
  • A well-stocked brain. (In March 2012, I was a three-day champion on Jeopardy!)

I’ve worked with clients on e-books, magazine essays, nonfiction and memoirs. I’ve helped at various stages–from the first draft to the final. My clients are glad they found me.

What Clients Say

“Jessamine is a inspiring coach who knows what it takes to become a writer. She has given me the technical skills as well as the motivation to continue my journey as a writer. I can’t thank her enough for believing in me. Her encouragement and insight has helped me commit to my writing, and has made my writing better. I’m grateful to work with her.”

—Sandy D., entrepreneur and memoirist, 11plus


“Sincere thanks to my wonderful editor, Jessamine Price. She gave expert editorial comments on the writing’s technicalities, and her French language skills were a bonus. She helped me develop the characterizations of key figures in this book. Furthermore, her background as a historian demanded meticulous fact-checking of historical details, elevating the book’s quality.”

—Kim D., author of Lean In Like a Queen: 17 Lessons from the Last Queen of Vietnam’s Daring Negotiations