How to Be Famous in 300 Years

Today’s Google doodle celebrates the little-known Bartolomeo Cristofori, who invented the piano. He was born today in 1655, and spent two decades developing his new alternative to the harpsichord, the pianoforte. Unfortunately, the piano didn’t catch on in his lifetime. He died in 1731, without fame. Cristofari’s doodle, which plays music and highlights the inner workings of … Read more

“You Have to Fear Failure More than Death”

I think of writing as an extreme sport. Physically, I might not look like an athlete at the keyboard. But psychologically, writers have a lot in common with athletes. Writing a book requires repetitive daily practice, year after year. Daily practice requires the kind of discipline or obsession that propels people to the Olympics. Overcoming the logistical obstacles … Read more